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Connor’s 5th Birthday “Party Animal” Bash

We originally planned to only take a family trip for Connor’s 5th birthday and then somehow in addition we ended up deciding to have around 30 people over to celebrate with us the week before his actual birthday. When you have a forever only child and 5 only comes once, well, to hell with trying to be conventional 😂 We’ve only had one other party for him so far and that was on his 3rd birthday. The every other year big celebration is working well for us thus far!

We booked Scales and Tails to come to our house and they were a hit with Connor and his friends! This was the second time we’ve booked them and we were even more pleased than last time; they just do a phenomenal job teaching about the reptiles and engaging the kiddos.

We also had a handmade piñata, animal themed veggie and fruit platters (in addition to pizza, local spinach/strawberry salad and homemade BBQ chicken) animals on top of multiple cakes with party hats and a large helium dinosaur with a Polaroid camera for a party favor.

We all had a lot of fun (even though Connor was a little overwhelmed a couple times and we joked that’s how you know it’s a good party)! 😂 We will definitely throw another party for him in the future. Next time around, we would love to do a hike with a handful of friends (but we realize it is hard to coordinate that with everyone and not all kiddos his age are interested or able). As he gets older, hopefully that will become more possible!

In lieu of presents, Connor asked for dog/cat food or toys for donations to the local humane society. He received many things and we delivered them a few days after his party. He was so proud to help! This is definitely something we want to continue doing in the future.

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