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Cecret Lake (and our top secrets to hiking with a little one)!

This is one of our favorite local hikes to do once a summer/fall. We don’t go up Little Cottonwood Canyon more than that because it’s a watershed and we can’t bring Moonshine along. The wildflowers are beautiful this time of year. Also, you will see people of ALL ages on this trail so that tells me it’s relatively “easy” with a 1 mile hike up and 1 mile hike back down. Although, I will admit that when we first started hiking, this trail felt difficult to me. But as a more experienced hiker now, it feels like a walk to the mailbox 😂 which makes me happy because progress is always good!! >>>>>>>> Trail info here

Anyone who has ever hiked with a little one (or two or three) or hiked next to them on a trail knows it can be mentally exhausting to say the least. But you can do a little preparation and save yourself a little trouble! Here are our top tips for hiking with a little one (or more):

* Know before you go! Check out the all trails app and read other hiker’s latest comments before you get on the trail. This will save you a lot of trouble if you need to bring something extra for mosquitos or pay to park etc.

*Wear appropriate gear (especially footwear)! It’s really irritating to hear caregivers continuously saying on the trail, “don’t get your feet wet! Don’t get your feet dirty! If kids have appropriate hiking shoes, which helps protect their feet and little bodies, getting wet and dirty won’t be an issue (it’s part of the experience)!!!!

* Pack enough snacks. And then pack some more and maybe more after that 😂 if your hiker is anything like Connor, they’ll want to be eat before, during, during, during and after. Basically he eats nonstop. Ya feel me? *not pulling my hair out, just handing him another snack*

*Bring enough water or bring a filter if that’s part of your plan (we always make sure to drink a lot in the car before even starting)!

*Think about facilities…if your child may need to do some big business out there, bring TP, wipes, bags etc.

*If you don’t babywear, plan to give piggyback or shoulder rides if necessary.

*Encourage them to look for wildlife on the trail! This is always a hit!

*Remember that difficult journeys always lead to beautiful destinations! This is one that Connor is starting to understand well; he knows that it may be tough but it’s always worth it!

*Start them young and make it a priority! The more they experience regularly when they’re young, the more they’ll enjoy it as they age!

*Be excited! It’s contagious! When you’re excited, they will be too!

*Lower your expectations and have FUN!!!!!!!! When Connor was much younger, just being out there was enough. If we didn’t get to the final destination, oh well!!!

What are your top tips for hiking with little ones? We would love to hear them!